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I am a writer, content producer, influencer and digital strategy consultant.

I credit my snarky, unabashedly frank personality mixed with a voracious appetite for reading, writing and gaming by my passion for digital starting at age 3 when my parents for bought me a Commodore 64 and Atari for Xmas while every other little girl got Barbies and princess dresses.

Choice techy milestones:

1983 – When I was able to make the VCR time stop blinking, my parents bought me computers – dolls went to the trash.
1989 – Hid our Nintendo so no one would unpause it mid-level in Super Mario Bros, racked up $40 worth of billing to Nintendo game play counselors
1993 – I was the first kid on my block to have the internet – suddenly most popular kid on the block
1994 – I was the first kid to goto the principal’s office because of the internet, also built a computer for home use, soldering first broken pair of earplugs
1995 – I made a final with Powerpoint and .wav files
2004 – Joins gmail, gets wynter@gmail.com – baller.
2008 – Joins twitter, uses it to rant
2009 – Makes twitter feed private (we won’t get fooled again!)
2012 – Klout score is 67
2013 – Made front page of Reddit and had Dan Rather answer my AMA question in the same week

My commitment to digital strategy as a career has married my passions through a wonderful journey leading up to a wonderful skill set I feel is unique to me. In order to be successful in this role I need to have 3 things: 1 – Deep relationships in the entertainment industry (check) 2 – Passion and knowledge of popular culture and digital environments (check) and 3 – Be assertive, creative and strategic. (check check)

It also helps that like it or not, I’m a known know it all. My intuition has informed my career in many ways. I followed the Obamas very early in the 2008 election all the way to the steps of the U.S. Capitol at the 2009 Inauguration. I suggested repeatedly to anyone in ear short mid-’07 that Twitter will “blow up” and throw Facebook off its game. Below I’ll go through my list of professional wins but so you know, I have been a radio talk show host, a college radio movie reviewer, and news producer all before legally able to procure alcohol in a public setting. I have helped produce events such as the San Francisco Mayor’s Conference on Women, the Webby Awards, the San Francisco International Film Festival, AIDS Dance-a-thon’s and Kezar Stadium’s 1st (and only) Celebrity Charity Basketball Series.

That’s easy you say? How are you an expert on anything because of educated guesses, you ask?

My career has been a series of risks: After manipulating her birth certificate to get her first job as a call service rep for United Airlines at 16, I began interning on weekends at Live 105 doing event promotions for large events like Lollapalooza and BFD, while handling the assignment desk for San Francisco’s NBC affiliate and somehow managing to finish my junior and senior years in high school. Subtly sidestepping graduation I quickly landed a column on Chickclick.com covering young San Francisco, fashion, culture and events, before the site and the dot-com era went belly up. I wrote for the award-winning local, San Francisco Magazine writing “Hot List” items, and contributing as a youth correspondent to the San Francisco Examiner. At 18, I moved in to PR, handling events for Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Francisco and the Tiger Woods Foundation. At 20, I became the youngest staffer at TechTV producing news and later The Screen Savers, with an entertainment slant for the edgy tech and gaming network (which later became G4 and
now Esquire). That same year, I decided to bail on college for good. I go the job I was learning how to do.

Landing high profile interviews for the little known network I secured an opportunity, despite not having a degree, to work at the William Morris Agency and later went on to produce news again and launch DIRECTV’s Audience network. I couldn’t ever make up my mind. Most young highly motivated creatures can’t. So I moved on to marketing and business affairs for Fox Television. After working for a high-profile and well-known difficult celebrity for 6 months, ! finally culled my now decade long experience and settled in the career I was avoiding, being a writer. I have written for OK!, Us, Tonic, HollywoodLife.com and Kevin Frazier’s Hip Hollywood.

I hate being left out of conversations and FOMO is petty emotion. What each gig allowed me to develop was copies of the keys to the kingdom via knowledge necessary to advance my aspirations in the right direction- and determine if I should stay or leave.

I’m good for now.

I realize that had I not searched for the proper role through experience, I’d never know how to make a decision that I could live with.

But I’m always up for a challenge.

So in my spare time, when not traveling around and outside of the country, trying out yummy recipes at my favorite restaurants with friends or hanging out at my regular haunts up and down Los Angeles, I am focused on writing my memoir hopefully to be published before I’m 40, creating original video content TBA and developing this blog right here and working with various charities such as Hashtag Lunchbag.

I still want to cycle through Tuscany.

Also, I’m longwinded.


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Anna Mikuriya-Jungherr
Anna Mikuriya-Jungherr

Wynter, this is an awesome, wonderful, inspiring, and smile-inducing description of the amazing woman that you are. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to read this!

Hayley Carr
Hayley Carr

Wynter - Hope you remember me, friend of Caroline Perry's. You replied to me through Facebook re: maybe getting our new product Zipit Bedding featured in US Weekly. We will hopefully be featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show, the producers are considering our product as I type., soon but would love to generate hype before we go on the show. Here's our website: www.zipitbedding.com We'd LOVE any advice you could offer us about getting on the Buzz page or being featured anywhere in the magazine! Thanks! Hayley www.hayleycarr.com www.zipitbedding.com


I would like to exchange links with your site wyntermitchell.com Is this possible?

Candice Lau
Candice Lau

Hello Wynter! I'm not sure if you remember me, my name is Candice Lau and I met you in Santa Barbara at State & A restaurant that you had visit right after Britney Spears appearance there. I couldn't find you on Facebook, so I tried looking you up on google and it led me here. We were talking for quite sometime and you inspired me to follow my ambitions to get more involved in the media and broadcasting. I would love to hear your experiences and more advice you can give me to succeed in this industry. You seemed to be very genuine and passionate about what you do. Your advice is well appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Candice Lau cmarielau@yahoo.com