“Happy” Soul Train

This video perfectly captures everything that is amazing about P’s song and Soul Train. Shout out to Pharrell FOR REAL, I am a huge fan and have had the pleasure of his company, he’s every inch of cool personified, but… Continue Reading →

Im redesigning my blog.

But that’s not why I haven’t updated it. This is my yearly reminder to those who stan for my infrequent attempts at presenting a magnum opus. Ive been really busy the last few months but 2014 is about me. Way more than ever. (HI HATERS)

Your 21st Century Regrets: Not Listening To Kanye West

Look, I mean what I say – and I didn’t name my tumblr Controverse-y for nothing. You will regret “loudmouths” of the new gen in the future because the loudmouths of the past gen were the ones who changed the world.

Let’s go “Outside”

I’m heading up to Utah in a few weeks as a guest for Summit Outside and I can’t tell you how excited I am to digitally detox and to even be considered a thought leader. I consider myself a “know-it-all” and my online handle is “kweeneverything” but to have other intelligent folk smack your back is better than some dummy.

PCH Driving Playlist – Summer 2013

This playlist is in my rotation and makes the trips up to Malibu, down to Laguna, out to Palm Springs and beyond so much more enjoyable…also good for dropping in on parties where they need your touch…

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